Wetry Super Single Head Stripping Machine, beyond dual head performance!
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Are you thinking to get best stripping efficiency and quality? You must check this Q&A!

Q1: Why we should buy stripping machine? What is the benefit we could get?

A1: We do believe, if you have automatic diecutting machine, then you must have stripping machine. Let’s imagine, a stripping job- Let’s say 2500 sheets a pallet, 12~15 molds a sheet, total is 7,500 sheets that need 7~10 persons for more than 1 hour. Now you have stripping machine, it can be tremendously reduced to 1 person and less than 1 hour…

If thinner sheet, you can expect even higher production efficiency.

Ok, now you can start calculating how much money you can save from the labor cost, and what are the more benefitable jobs you can do.

Please note, to make it happen, you must have really efficient stripping machine which can handle various kinds of shapes with very short adjusting time. Then you can expect this result.

Q2: Why we should choose your stripping machine.

A2: Whatever the machine you choose, it is a must to choose the machine that can really give help and create even higher value than it’s price, and then we can say that it’s really economic. You get what you pay. Following are the advantages if you chose us:

1. Only takes small space- Let’s compare with dual head to single head stripping machines, first obvious difference is machine size. Smallest size with most efficient performance of the world, you must have one if you are diecutting factory.

2. Can really strip A/B side sheets- Why we emphasize it? Our Super single Head Stripping Machine is the only one of the world that can really fix well the sheets from top, and get the molds by upward pins that perfectly fit to the mold shapes, because the pin plate is able to turn 180 degrees to fit the molds.

              A/B side

This is the only way to make sure a stripping machine can handle most kinds of jobs with highest yield rate. Actually, we are the only one of the world can make it. This is one of our patents.

3.Much less adjusting time- Compare with dual head one, more head, extra adjusting will be more than double. Plus Wetry Super Single Head Stripping machine takes much less adjusting time than any other single head machine due to the user-friendly system. Shortest adjusting time of the world, double and double efficiency!

4. High yield rate- It would be even more obvious if you are handling A/B side jobs. Remain the sheets in the certain small area, more even sheets you can expect! And what you can get? Smooth stripping job without stop or crash!

Besides, small flatform can ensure better flatness. Plus we high quality with special treatment platform. And shorter transmission route, you can expect higher lifetime of machine and yield rate.

So we call our stripping machine as Super Single Head Stripping Machine. We are not dual head and beyond all single and dual head stripping machines in the market.


Q3: Is plywood necessary?

A3: We enclose press blocks with machines, so you can either use them, or adopt plywood. Available to install plywood expresses the high flexibility of this device.

Following is the actual operation with press blocks

Short run, temporarily order, just use press blocks. Long run, or you need even faster stripping, just use plywood. Every diemaker can offer most common 18mm thickness. Or you could order from us.

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Q4: Will the top and the bottom sheets of the paper pile move when the pushing rack is working? Some of paper sheets are slippery and curve as sheets are UV-coated

A4: Just rest assured. We have thought about this and actually this is one of our patents which ensures top and bottom sheets stay still.

Q5: What is the maximum stripping size?


A5: The maximum stripping size is 400mm x 400mm. Customization is also available.

Q6: Is it easy to operate? How long does it take to learn? Your company provides training service for the machine operation?


A6: Yes, we are responsible for training and operation of our stripping machine is easy. Per our training experience, it takes about two days to get hands on of it.

Now we would like to share with you some cases that you might encounter as well:

1. Curve edge + A/B side stripping


2.This is one of jobs from our customers, complicated shape with big quantity and need  10 something people to strip manually. However, it’s simple case for our stripping      machine. Actually, we even design die for customer so it can be stripped double mold a time! Efficiency is double and double!

3.Even PET is piece of cake


If you have di-cutting machine, then you must have Wetry Super Single Head Stripping Machine.

It is able to perfectly handle many kinds of shapes and materials. And it takes about 10 minutes only for adjusting. Because of small size of machine, Not only save your space but also higher accuracy due to shorter transmission distance. We are confident, Wetry stripping machine is your best solution for stripping!