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Wetry Super Single Head Stripping Machine, beyond dual head performance!

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Wetry Diecutting Machinery


          If you have die-cutting machine, then you must                       
                        have our stripping machine!

Wetry Diecutting Machinery- belongs to the same group with 
3Cube Diesupplies, which is a company focus on high quality stripping machine.
R&D and sales team located in Taiwan and production plant in Mainland China.

We own very experienced R&D team with over 40 years experience on site, plus production team that is proved by ISO9001-2005 to make sure your best stripping machine.

With strong after-service team. Just in first few years, we got huge success in the markets that we focused, like Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea..etc. After then we started approaching to other countries. And the machines we developed with full hearts also got several patents.

Because of our effort, we are confident that our stripping machine can bring you following benefits:

Can be applied for most of shapes, including cigarette box with A/B  side

Very easy to operate

The smallest machine size with highest performance of the world

In peak season, a nice stripping machine will help you to handle most kinds of orders quickly. In low season, it costs you zero.

It’s indeed a worthy investment!

High quality, high performance, with best service, Wetry is  your  best choice for stripping machine!